Meet the E.P.

“…Let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.” 
Mark 5:16



Nashville, TN born and Houston, TX raised Courtney always had a creative spirit growing up.

During her teenage and young adult years she could often be found on an adventure with friends, video camera in tow.

A scholastic achiever as well, she obtained her BS from Xavier University of Louisiana in Business Administration and Marketing.

After launching a successful career in sales, she earned an NYU screenwriting certification and embarked on her journey into filmmaking.

Dedicated to learning all aspects of the craft, she worked on film sets for feature films and independent projects in the Dallas/FW Metroplex.

In 2009 Courtney joined the “crew” of the Southwest Community of Motion Picture Artists (SCOMPA) and shortly after was called on to produce her first project, an animal rescue documentary for Paws in the City.

She went on to become the Board President of SCOMPA and produced 2 projects for the Susan G. Komen Foundation and a project for Alley’s House.

2012 was an exciting year for Courtney, as she partnered with 2 other producers to launch the YouTube webseries, Lifes2Short. She co-produced 11 projects with her team, and developed her writing, directing and editing skill set with Clutching iDols, The Neighbor, and I Wish A Ninja Would! Their project, Our Way Out, received the 2012 Best Dramatic Short Film award at the Lake Charles Film Festival.

Since then Courtney has produced various independent projects and completed her first feature film, CONTENT OF CHARACTER: Diary of A Young Black Girl under her own production company, Salt & Light Productions..

Presently, Courtney writes, directs, produces and edits independent productions.

She remains passionate about the visual arts and plans to continue using the power of storytelling to do good works.


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